Annelies de hertogh
Literary translator

Your search for a creative language professional has brought you here? Then there must be a great collaboration on the horizon.

What can I do for you?

You can contact me if you:

  • need a translation of a book, an article, a brochure, a newsletter, a website etc. from Russian or English into Dutch
  • wish to subedit or edit a manuscript or another type of text in Dutch
  • wish to correct a proof, article, brochure, annual report etc. in Dutch
  • wish to write a book, speech, webtext, newsletter, blog post in Dutch

What can you count on working with me?

  • Because of my passion for what I do, I will treat your text as if it was my very own.
  • With my special eye for detail, I can spot the tiniest mistake or inconsistency.
  • I’m only happy about my work when you are too.

Would you like someone else to confirm all this? Have a look at my references.